söndag 25 mars 2012

Tea, anyone?

TGF is having a March Madness Challenge and the last theme was "MAD about Tea Parties!". Fun, but I have no tea related stamps. What to do? I asked my dear friend Sandra to borrow a teapot tutorial. And Volià! I'm actually quite pleased with the outcome! I just adore the sweet "Blush Bonnie"-stamp!

Stamp: TGF, Blush Bonnie
Paper: Inkido
Text: Borrowed from my friend Paula
Corners: A gift from my friend Sandra

A closeup of Bonnie, holding the only
tea related charm I could find in my hidings...;-)

6 kommentarer:

  1. Love it!!!
    It´s beautiful & fun!!!

  2. Hej vännen! Men åhhhh så vackert!! Helt otroligt fint! kram på dig!

  3. Ett helt fantastiskt kort, så super fint.
    Kram Elin

  4. WOW, amazing coloring and beautiful design!

  5. Hej! Vilket fräckt och snyggt kort!!
    Vad roligt att du vill vara med i min candy!!
    Kram Iffa


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